My naMark030816me is Mark Salzwedel. I have done and continue to do lots of different things in my life (I’ve been an actor, a game designer, a hypnotherapist, a translator and a lot more), but this is primarily a website to host my blogging about writing and music, and arts that use both, like musical theatre and opera. I am a big fan of unique ideas, whether it is in the narrative structure of a novel, the use of chord inversions in a cantata, or especially a really innovative menu at a restaurant. My narrative tropes tend to favor robots, aliens, time travelers, fairies, and mutants. My musical style ranges from silly cartoon soundtracks to overwrought organ-violin duets about archdemons.

If you happened on my blog site here before checking out my main web site you can get to it by clicking here.

Otherwise, click on the Blog menu above and check out my posts on creativity. I hope you find them provocative and inspiring.

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